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Prevent unauthorized access to your computer with Desktop Lock
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If your computer is a valuable source of personal or company's information or you just want to prevent an unauthorized use, Desktop Lock is a great software for this.
With Desktop Lock, you can easily secure access to your computer. With just a click or a custom hot key combination, you can lock your desktop and prevent unauthorized access.
Many interesting features compliment this great tool. Desktop Lock can minimize all windows when it locks, execute a specific document / program or even the system screen saver. At the same time, it can show a banner bouncing on the screen with a custom message.
To unlock the Desktop, Desktop Lock provides such options as a hot key combination, a mouse movement or action, and also a password, letting the user set up the security level as needed.
Desktop Lock offers its user interesting features, such as: Automatic Lock, Locking Schedule, lock after boot or idle time, the possibilty to leave a message when desktop is locked, event logging, locking for specific users, and much more.

Rafael Canela
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  • Secures computer.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Many customizable features


  • Limited features in unregistered versions.
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